Why not make things Simpler

Imagine yourself as a guest in a very crowded event. There are many photographers present; they are all running around and taking photos of everyone. You pose – the flash goes off, and you just walk away. It is very likely that you will never see that photo of yours.

We at Photier hate this. We think photos should be available to you instantly. We make sure that we simplify all the steps in between the click, and you receiving the photo. The face recognition system takes a second to recognize your face in the pool of thousands of people.

We send you the photo, and that’s it. The photo doesn’t come with extra baggage. You can store it, stare at it, or post it –  it’s all up to you.

How does it Work?

It only takes a few moments for the users to start enjoying the benefits of Photier.

Introducing Oneself

The user downloads the app and uploads his/her image, either from the gallery or takes a selfie on the spot.

Entering the Event

The QR code is supplied to the attendees, making each event private to its guests. Only those who are physically present at the event are able to access the photos, and each guests has access to their own photos only – unless otherwise desired.

Uploading the Photos to the System

Photier creates a secure panel for the photographers at each event, allowing them to upload the photos they have taken in a single step.

Distributing the Photos to the Attendees

Photier takes everything from here – recognizes the faces and sends photos to their owners during the event, allowing them to enjoy their photos as they see fit!

Face Recognition System

Photier has a state of art face recognition system, which allows users to receive their photos within minutes.


The algorithm that compares the profile photos of the users, with the faces in the photos  starts working, taking into account numerous factors.

%99.9 Accuracy Rate

Photier proudly shares the photos with their owners with 99 % accuracy rates

%0 Scope for Errors

If the photo is not recognized and is matched below a certain confidence level,  the system will not share this photo with the end user.

We Create Solutions

Weddings and Private Parties

Everyone dresses up and makes a special effort to attend weddings and private parties. Let’s be honest thou, guests have to wait for weeks, before the organizers start sending out a photo or two their way.

Corporate Events

Corporate events don’t really need to be boring. Photier wants to bring the fun back into things. Go on, make that pose, go wild. Photier has your back. (and we make sure your CEO doesn’t receive that photo instead of you)


Graduations are the first milestones in the life of any young adult. Why would we want to make the students wait for weeks or sometimes even months before they can receive their photo and proudly display it.

Holiday Resorts

Imagine you are by the pool. You are relaxed, you smile, you look great ! The photographer takes your photos. Now imagine that you have to walk all the way to the reception to find that little room where they keep all the photos. Nightmare.  Photier does it’s job without bothering you.

Tournaments and Concerts

These events are usually so chaotic that it is difficult to find the photographer, let alone finding the photo that he took.  Most organizers can give up on the idea of distributing photos to their customers after the event. We can deliver  thousands of photos to their owners within minutes.

Sports Events

We love sports events and we love attending them. But does anyone ever think that it’s not fair that the guests usually get a minimal glimpse of the competitors and the only photos they have of themselves  are selfies ? Not fair.

We share more than a billion photographs Everyday









Benefits of Photier


The photographers will be able to take as many photos as they wants until capturing the perfect image. There is no pressure to pick the best photo to share with the customer.

Customer Experience

Who wouldn’t want to receive their beautifully captured images moments after posing for it. Photier is guarantied to make your guests happy and the event memorable.


You will be choosing to stand out by using this new and exciting technology. Your opponents will have to learn something from you. Be leader, be reformist.

Boosted Outreach

Social media is one of the driving powers of today. Photier allows guests to share professionally taken photos on social media instantly. The bonus is that these photos also have a logo of the event. The event will be promoted in the right places, to the right people.

Cost Efficient

Printing photos is probably the most time consuming, costly part of the Photographer’s job. We are not even mentioning the time spent trying to manually match the photos with the guests… We make these factors disappear.

Photo Distribution

The problem of photo distribution is resolved as the photos reach their owners in a never done before manner. Photier sends photos to their owners taken from DSLR cameras within minutes. Speed is important.

Screenshots are Here

Friendly Packages

Please contact us to get more information on the wide range of our packages.


  • Up to 50 Photos
  • Up to 10 Users
  • Unlimited Access to Photos
  • Unlimited Face Recognition
  • 7/24 Support


$29/per event
  • Up to 100 Photos
  • Up to 25 Users
  • Unlimited Access to Photos
  • Unlimited Face Recognition
  • 7/24 Support


$99/per event
  • Up to 250 Photos
  • Up to 50 Users
  • Unlimited Access to Photos
  • Unlimited Face Recognition
  • 7/24 Support

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